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April, 2011

Eternal Resilient India
India is the land of limitless opportunities- its diversity and strengths across sectors invite everyone to 'Come, be a part of the change.'
Eternal Resilient Indiampg Size:54.6 mb
India It Happens Here
View India’s strengths and potential across sectors – India is the place to be in
India It Happens Herempg Size:16.4 mb
Young & Resurgent India
India today offers world-class technology and a young, talented and dynamic workforce which matches the best in the world
Young & Resurgent Indiampg 67.8 mb

A resilient and resolute India

IBEF prepared a nation messaging campaign that was broadcast on the global feed of Bloomberg through five days of its telecast of proceedings of Davos 2009. India’s resilience and resolve to move forward and ability to build global partnerships was the theme of the nation messaging initiative for the Bloomberg channel. The campaign was unique in its orientation as it brought together Indian business leaders along with representatives of select MNCs based in India to convey a holistic message of a resilient India.

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Confidencempg Size:5.27 mb
Entrepreneurshipmpg Size:6.47 mb
Globalisationmpg Size:5.32 mb
Imaginationmpg Size:6.19 mb
Transformationmpg Size:5.49 mb
India Nowmpg Size:86.5 mb
India fastest growing free market democracympg Size:48.1 mb

Voices from the future

Global youth ambassadors' insights into India.
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