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February, 2011

"Uttarakhand has abundant natural resources because of its hills and forests. It has abundant water resources, favouring hydro-power generation. The agro-climatic conditions also favour horticulture-based industries.

The state offers a wide range of benefits in terms of tax exemptions, interest incentives, financial assistance, subsidies and concessions.

At current prices, the Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) for 2008-09 was US$ 8.7 billion. Between 1999-2000 and 2008-09, the average annual GSDP growth rate was 13.9 per cent. The service sector contributed significantly to the economic growth in the state. Industries such as IT/ITeS, agriculture and forest-based products and hydro power are expected to witness sustainable progress in future.

As of March 2010, outstanding investments in the state were US$ 19.9 billion. Of the total outstanding investments, the electricity sector accounted for over 80 per cent followed by services sector (11.8 per cent). FDI inflows between April 2000 and May 2010 were US$ 113 million*.

*Includes Uttar Pradesh "

State Presentation (November 2010)