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February, 2012

The Biotechnology sector in India is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Indian Economy. As the sector is mainly based on knowledge, it is expected that it will play an important part in shaping the Indian Economy, which is developing at a rapid pace. The Indian Biotechnology sector holds immense potential in terms of research and development, skill and cost effectiveness. As per the eight annual survey by the Association of Biotechnology-led enterprise (ABLE) and a monthly journal, BioSpectrum, the sector grew threefold in five years and reported a revenue of US$ 3 billion during 2009-2011 with a 17 per cent rise as compared to the previous year.

In the wake of global biotech challenges, Indian Biotech industry has been nurtured with world class resources, skill and expertise, empowering ecosystem, efficient infrastructure. Poised to address the challenge of global biotech industry, India has consistently fostered world class human resources, an enabling ecosystem, infrastructure, discovery funding and supportive government policy. Due to these advantages, India has fast emerged as one of the leading countries producing biotech products and rendering bio services in the world. The products and services in the biotech sector in India cater across sub sectors such as biopharma, agricultural biotechnology, bio-industrial, bio- services and bioinformatics.

Market Size

The biopharma sector in India contributes nearly three-fifth of the total revenue at US$ 1.9 billion, followed by the bio services sector at US$ 573 million and bioagrisector at US$ 420.4 million. The left revenue was received from remaining revenue came from the bioindustrials (US$ 122.5 million) and bioinformatics (US$ 50.2 million) segments during 2009-2011. The two sectors - Biopharma and Bioservices sectors contributed 63 per cent and 33 per cent, respectively, for the total biotech exports. While the industry spanning bio-pharma and agri-biotech, accounted for US$ 3 billion, the equipment and ancillary segment contributed around US$ 1 billion.

Biotech Clusters in India

Bengaluru, Karnataka is the capital for Biotech clusters in the country. There exist over 380 biotech companies across India, out of which, 191 are based in Bengaluru and 198 companies are located in Karnataka. Bangalore and Karnataka jointly contribute 27 per cent to the revenue of the sector. The other major clusters exist in Mumbai and Ahmedabad in the West (Maharashtra and Gujarat respectively), Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) in the South and the area in and around New Delhi in the North. Hyderabad and New Delhi have a number of companies dealing into vaccines and research portfolios.