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Steel production in India hits 7.07 million tonne in January 2015

The Economic Times:  February, 2015

Kolkata: India produced 7.07 million tonne of steel in January 2015 reporting the fourth highest production level globally. This was 1.7% higher than the country's steel production in the same month a year earlier.

Compared to this, India had produced 6.95 million tonne of steel in January 2014. While China led the fray with a 65 million tonne, Japan produced 9.02 million tonne, followed by the US at 7.3 million tonne. Russia which touched a production level of 6.1 million tonne during the month under review and South Korea which was estimated to have produced around at 5.7 million tonne of steel in January 2015 led the list of countries in the global steel production sweepstakes.

Total global production reached 133 million tonne during January 2015. WSA data covers 65 countries which together represented 98% of world crude steel production in 2014. Asia led by accounting for a bulk of the global production, amounting to roughly around 89.4 million tonne, followed by European Union with a contribution of 14.4 million tonne.

It was followed by North America with a contribution of 10 million tonne, CIS at 8.5 million tonne and South America at 3.88 million tonne and the Middle East at 2.3 million tonne.