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Agricultural Equipment: Jul 2010

July, 2010

India aims at achieving food self-sufficiency, with a focus on expanding its cultivated and irrigated area, implementing land reforms, adopting HYV crops, promoting increased use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, and restructuring rural credit institutions, and community development. The need to feed more than a billion people is a driving force for domestic agriculture. India is also a net exporter of agricultural products.

The government has taken several initiatives through its Five Year Plans to improve irrigation facilities in India. The Working Group on Water Resources for the Eleventh Plan has proposed the creation of irrigation potential for16 million hectares during the Eleventh Plan period.

Total investment in the agriculture and allied sectors in 2008–09 amounted to US$ 28.87 billion (INR 1,386 billion), of which the private sector accounted for 82 per cent (US$ 23.78 billion). Further, according to the second advanced estimates of the Agricultural Statistics division, production of food grains in 2009–2010 is estimated to be 216.85 million tonnes.

Sectoral Presentation (April 2010)

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