Travel market in India: US$ 40 billion by 2020

Ravi Capoor, IAS, Chief Executive Officer, IBEF

The Indian travel market has managed to continue its growth run over the past many years. Attracting travellers across segments like business, leisure, medical etc, India has established its presenc... MORE >>

May 272016


Understanding Access Governance: Its Benefits and Challenges

Prasenjit Saha, CEO, Infrastructure Management Services and Security Business, Happiest Minds Technologies

Access Governance is the process of monitoring and controlling who within your organization has access to what, when and how. However, this is easier defined than done. It is easy to confuse access ... MORE >>

May 102016


India: Largest recipient of overseas remittances

Ravi Capoor, IAS, Chief Executive Officer, IBEF

India has retained its standing as the world’s largest recipient of remittances from abroad in 2015, according to a recent report from The World Bank. India has been a strong market receiving ... MORE >>

Apr 282016


The next wave of Smart devices is…Star Trek!

Pankaj Mirchandani, Managing Partner, RCA

Big brands made them, small brands made them, the Chinese made them, and even the locals made them – in the first wave wearables like fitness trackers, smart watches etc. made a big bang entry... MORE >>

Apr 252016


Stand up India: From job seekers to job creators

Ravi Capoor, IAS, Chief Executive Officer, IBEF

The ‘Stand up India’ scheme was launched by the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi last week. According to the announcement made at the launch, 1.25 lakh bank branches will provide... MORE >>

Apr 112016


How to start your online business in ten easy steps

Mr Nayan Bheda, Founder - Edvantez, Serial entrepreneur & Mentor

‘Everything begins with an idea’ – Earl Nightingale (US motivational writer & author (1921-1989). And nothing could do more justice to these famous words than the success which... MORE >>

Apr 082016


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