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Building the nation brand equity at Davos 2014

Building the nation brand equity at Davos 2014

Aparna Dutt Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, IBEF

Jan 27, 2014 10:53 AM

The last week kept the IBEF team fully engaged at the India Adda set up at Davos 2014 coinciding with the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. From the moment that the Adda got started on day one at Davos 2014, it saw a relentless stream of delegates present at Davos. In sum, we saw ourselves engaging in constructive conversations with global professors on the future outlook for the world and India in context on the one hand to conversations with Indian and foreign business leaders on their confidence in Brand India. Whilst the big picture and the confidence in the market is intact, there was interest expressed to get things moving faster, which many felt would have multiplier effect and bring in faster returns for their businesses as well as the nation at large. Issues concerning the Indian economy like manufacturing, infrastructure and the general forecast on the economy were fairly and candidly discussed by the representatives from the Indian government as well as business leaders from India and abroad. Sessions relating to technology and IT feted India as amongst the fastest and perhaps the most promising markets globally given the ease and pace with which the youth is taking to technology in India. A recent survey in fact ranked India as the top technology investment destination globally. Largely what we proposed to highlight through our nation brand campaign – Join India, Lead the World – was well corroborated by the conversations which we had at the India as most visitors recognised the India market advantage. The India Adda resonated and was busy at all times. Both foreign and Indian media engaged with IBEF and delegates at the India Adda. The quality showcase and service by the premier Taj hospitality supplemented by the tea, coffee and chocolates service, courtesy the Tea, Coffee and Spices Board(s) of India respectively added to the warmth of Indian hospitality whilst effortlessly driving home the point of the quality of Made in India products. The India Addaseemed to have played its part in building the equity of the nation brand at Davos 2014.



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