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Indian handicrafts command a premium in the global market

Indian handicrafts command a premium in the global market

Rahul Garg, Co-founder and CEO, ArtisanGilt

Sep 15, 2014 2:28 PM

We realised in the early stage of our start-up journey that Indian handicrafts are very popular and there is a strong market for these products both in India and abroad. Our focus in this segment was not to focus on generic products. We started with around 14-15 art forms and there were some segments that were brought by us online for the first time. At a time when most of our competitors were selling generic products, our strategy to create a unique online collection gave us instant access to a niche market.

However, from a business standpoint, we realised early on that handicrafts is a slow moving item as compared to ethnic wear and textiles. As a result, out of the 45,000 products listed on our website around 10 per cent of the products are handicrafts. While we continue to get international orders for the handicrafts and other products listed on our website, we do not aggressively market as these products are fragile and attract a high shipping cost. Our current focus is to establish our brand and reach a scale where we can start aggressively marketing Indian handicrafts across the globe.

On a sectoral level, there is no doubt over the fact that India is known for producing high quality handicrafts and as a result, Indian handicrafts command a premium in the global market. The varied art forms available in the Indian market are very popular is different parts of the world.



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