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Jugaad Innovation: a new management paradigm in the making!

Jugaad Innovation: a new management paradigm in the making!

Aparna Dutt Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, IBEF

Jun 01, 2012 2:49 PM

There was much excitement in IBEF today as we prepared to receive the authors of Jugaad Innovation - Mr Navi Radjou, Dr Simone Ahuja and Dr Jaideep Prabhu. The authors had send me the script of their book earlier on and the published book followed. Incidentally as Navi perused through the copy in our Offices today, he mentioned to me that this was the first copy of their published book (Indian edition), which they were getting to see here at IBEF on their arrival in New Delhi.

Jugaad InnovationJugaad InnovationJugaad InnovationJugaad InnovationJugaad InnovationJugaad InnovationJugaad InnovationJugaad InnovationThe authors offered to recreate for IBEF the picture poster look, which the American edition of their book carries and we are sharing with you. The authors are here in the city for a brief period to launch their book and share their thoughts on their published work. I was curious to know how three persons from different fields got together and how did this journey culminate into Jugaad Innovation. As we settled to a conversation on the book, we discussed if the frugal, flexible approach of jugaad could be combined with the traditional West led structured approach to innovations to arrive at alternate solutions, which promised not scaling up but scaling wide? Would this idea power new research labs, which incubate jugaad innovators; And can these convert into viable business applications and models. The conversation with Navi, Simone and Jaideep delved into all these aspects of the book and out this week as we bring to you the new management paradigm Jugaad Innovation....straight from the authors themselves!



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