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Rise of the Indian multinational

Rise of the Indian multinational

Aparna Dutt Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, IBEF

Dec 09, 2013 9:59 AM

Indian companies have been covering the globe with a combination of organic and inorganic routes. A recent report suggests that as compared to its emerging market counterparts, Indian companies can be expected to operate far more extensively beyond borders. According to the study, 88 per cent of Indian manufacturers are estimated to be operating globally, which scores over China at 68 per cent and Brazil at 64 per cent. Indian manufacturers have been rated at par (55 per cent) with its counterparts in Germany and the US on aspects of global operations such as sourcing, manufacturing, distribution/sales and marketing/promotion.

A combination of growing ambitions with a slowed global economy that presented timely opportunities for expansion overseas are amongst the significant factors enabling Indian companies to go transnational. Prompted by this observed trend, we had done a cover story titled Rise of the Indian Multinational in the April-May issue of the India Now, Business & Economy magazine earlier this year.



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