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Spain protests

Spain protests

Aparna Dutt Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, IBEF

Jul 23, 2012 3:06 PM

Much has been talked about the pain points of the Indian economy but it is important to note here that the world around us is currently grappling with more serious challenges. For instance, Spain has been much in news for reasons relating to its government, economy and people. During my recent three-day visit to Madrid, I witnessed mass protests against the Government austerity measures aimed at cutting Spain's large deficit. In fact, as I pen this down, the protests are only swelling in size. These indeed mirror the tough times economies are facing globally and struggling to find the optimal construct to boost economic fortunes. In comparison, India is undoubtedly better placed on the global map today. Apart from the fact that the country has been tackling tough times in an efficient manner, the strong domestic market continues to drive the economy on the right track.



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