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Industry hails 'Digital India' move, top CEOs commit to invest Rs 4.5 trillion New Delhi: India's top business leaders from Tata, Reliance and Bharti group have announced support for Government's Digital India program and have pledged around Rs 4.5 trillion (US$ 71.42 billion) in projects related to Digital India....

Economic Times July 02, 2015

Cabinet nod to central irrigation plan, national common agri market New Delhi: The Union Cabinet has approved the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchaee Yojana (PMKSY), with an outlay of Rs 50,000 crore (US$ 7.93 billion) distributed over five years starting FY2016 and is aimed at providing irrigation to every village by con...

Business Standard July 02, 2015

Pension reforms: Private a/c money can go in IPOs New Delhi: According to new set of guidelines proposed by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA), pensions of private sector subscribers would also be allowed to be invested in companies' Initial Public Offer (IPO, of equit...

Business Standard July 02, 2015

Govt to provide roadmap for ending corporate tax exemptions in 45 days New Delhi: Government of India will provide a roadmap for ending corporate tax exemptions in the next 45 days as part of a plan to reduce corporate tax rate to 25 per cent over next 4 years from the current rate of 30 per cent....

Livemint July 01, 2015

Reverse bidding for power transmission projects likely New Delhi: The Government of India is likely to adopt reverse bidding for awarding projects worth Rs 1 lakh crore (US$ 15.87 billion) in the power transmission sector over the year....

Business Standard July 01, 2015
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