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in the turbocharger industry. It serves
the demand of the domestic market as
well as of Southeast Asia and Europe.
Honeywell India Technology Centre
(HITC), another arm of the US firm,
works to augment new technologies for
the refining and petrochemicals, phar-
maceutical and refrigeration industries.
Honeywell’s aerospace and defence
business entered India in the early
1970s, with a partnership with Hin-
dustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL). The
US MNC provided HAL the licence
to manufacture its TPE331 turboprop
engines, which are supplied to the Indi-
an Armed Forces, including the Nation-
al Coast Guard, Indian Navy and Indian
Air Force. Since then, the strategic
collaboration has expanded to include
other indigenous HAL products like
advanced light helicopter Dhruv, light
combat aircraft Tejas, Intermediate
Jet Trainer (IJT), etc. Honeywell has
licensed the Primus 500 weather radar
to HAL. The company’s defence and
space business is exploring opportuni-
ties beyond aviation, especially with the
Indian Space Research Organisation.
Leader in Aerospace Technology
Honeywell, in March 2014, signed
a Memorandum of Understanding
(MoU) with Air India and GoAir, two
of India’s leading airliners, to imple-
ment its proprietary software that helps
make air travel safer and mitigates the
risk of accidents on the ground. The
company’s SmartRunway/SmartLand-
ing technology uses global positioning
satellite (GPS) information and airport/
runway data to help pilots better deter-
mine the best way to taxi, take off, and
land commercial jet airplanes. GoAir’s
agreement with Honeywell is in the
area of fuel preservation and cutting
back on energy expenditures. Honey-
well will assist the airliner in monitor-
ing its electric green taxiing system
(EGTS), which is what its planes
use to taxi to and from the board-
ing gates and runways. According to
Maheshwari, every commercial aircraft
flying in India today has Honeywell
technologies on board. He adds, “The
company continues to work with all of
the country’s major airlines in helping
them reduce costs, improve safety and
Honeywell is the leading provider
of systems, products and aftermarket
services and support for business
jets in India. Besides, India accounts
for the highest employee share in its
total global aerospace engineering,
which is worth US$ 37 billion. With
around 3,000 people working in its
aerospace vertical in India, the MNC
employs about a quarter of the world’s
approximately 2,000 flight control
engineers and 150 of them are at
Honeywell Technology Solutions (HTS)
in India. Around 80 per cent of the
work on the Boeing 787-Dreamliner’s
flight control is being done in India.
As the aviation industry is growing
rapidly in countries like India and
Africa, the company is also expecting
better performance from these regions.
Speaking about the Indian aviation
business, Maheshwari said, “We
expect that the government’s focus on
potentially transformational initiatives
such as
Make in India, Smart Cities
Digital India
, will continue to
bolster further industrial growth in the
country. We look to the government
for positive steps towards an enabling
environment, and the country has to
move towards being an early adopter of
technology in order to meet its rising
needs in energy, safety, security and
productivity.” Honeywell now expects
its future revenue sources to be more
geographically diverse.
(Based on secondary research & interview)
Honeywell Aerospace
products and services are
found on virtually every
commercial, defence and
space aircraft, and its
turbochargers are used by
nearly every automaker
and truck manufacturer
around the world. The
aerospace business unit
develops innovative solu-
tions for more fuel efficient
automobiles and airplanes,
more direct and on-time
flights, safer flying and
runway traffic, along with
aircraft engines, cockpit
and cabin electronics,
wireless connectivity ser-
vices, logistics and more.
Automation and Control
Honeywell Automation
and Control Solutions
(ACS) develops
and manufactures
environmental controls,
building solutions, personal
protective equipment, life
safety, security, sensing,
scanning, and mobility
products that enable
safer, more comfortable,
more secure, and more
productive environments.
Performance Materials
and Technologies
Honeywell Performance
Materials and Technologies
(PMT), a global leader
in developing advanced
materials, process
technologies and
automation solutions,
manufactures a wide
variety of high-performance
products, including
refrigerants and materials
used in the production of
bullet-resistant armour,
nylon, computer chips and
pharmaceutical packaging.
Process technologies
developed by PMT’s
UOP business form the
foundation for most of the
world’s refiners, efficiently
producing gasoline, diesel,
jet fuel, petrochemicals and
renewable fuels. PMT’s
Process Solutions business
is a pioneer in automation
control, instrumentation
and services for the oil
and gas, refining, pulp and
paper, industrial power
generation, chemicals and
petrochemicals, biofuels,
life sciences and metals,
minerals and mining
Backed by strategic vision, Honeywell India grows strong
Source: Honeywell India website
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