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Sangita Thakur Varma
he fact that the Union Budget and the spring season
in India come around the same time seems to go
beyond mere coincidence. As the season heralds posi-
tive change, so does the Budget, ushering a ‘spring’ in
the Indian economy. This fiscal, the balanced outlook
of the Union Budget 2015-16 will ensure that India shores up its
strengths and consolidates its gains. The mandate is in consonance
with our
Cover Story.
“Waste not, want not” is an old adage, yet its rel-
evance in today’s context is more pronounced than ever. Waste is the
polar opposite of wealth. Despite this, with careful management of
our waste, we can judiciously convert it to national wealth. We look
at India’s emerging waste management sector in this context.
The report on the Union Budget and the
Sectoral Update
tions provide insights into the other opportunities in India, as
do the engagements of American MNC Honeywell in various
strategic sectors in the
MNC Watch
section. India will have an
additional workforce of around 100 million by 2025. It’s a matter
of pride that the youth in the country’s hinterland will be a part
of the expanding talent base. All it will take to tap this vast rural
resource is some innovative thinking and spirited enterprise. In
Rural Update
section, we feature just such an organisation
that is providing global services from its rural centres.
The capabilities of the Indian enterprise have been recognised
globally, as innovative applications of one-off ideas inspire many
clones. Take for instance Brickwork India. It gave a whole new
spin to the offshoring industry by spawning a new vertical. It
makes for an inspiring read in
Innovation Corner
section. The
story of InMobi in the
Made in India
section is also an inspiring
story of the spirit of innovation and enterprise.
While the weather is still pleasant, do take a short vacation in Orch-
ha. It will help you unwind amid history and nature. Do pack your
copy of
India Now
for a leisurely reading! Alternatively, take a trip to
the National Crafts Musem for a lesson in India’s craftmanship.
Springtime in India
A buoyant economy beckons
one to explore
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