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multi-channel distribution and sales net-
work,” reveals Dublish. Currently, Wild-
craft products are available in over 125
exclusive stores, 400 plus shop-in-shops
and more than 2,500 points-of-sale. The
company has plans to add around 60
stores by 2016 at an investment outlay
of about
18 crore. The average size of a
Wildcraft standalone store is 500–600
sq ft. They are present in more than 400
cities spread across the country. On top
of it, the company also retails through
all major e-commerce platforms and
departmental retail chains. It is remark-
able how a company that initially found
reputed multibrand retailers sceptical
about partnering with it has a presence
in most of them.
How did the company accomplish all
this in such a short span of time? “We
stuck to our core beliefs—a passion
for the outdoors and a commitment to
quality and performance. These run
through our products and management
ethos too. Running an enterprise is an
ongoing labour of love—we created a
plan, stuck to it and put all our resources
behind it. The journey has been great
so far and we believe the best is yet to
come,” says Dublish simply.
Spirit of Adventure:
and durability form the backbone of
the product offering and resilience
is the hallmark of the team.
The endeavour to be recognised as a
performance-driven head-to-toe outfitter
globally and the shared ambition and
love for the outdoors are the key factors
driving the venture, which, as Dublish
says, “quite frankly, will always continue
to be,” the vision. In addition, Wildcraft
has also cobbled together a young and
diverse pool of talent across functions.
A committed team that is aligned with
the company’s core vision of becoming
a global leader in the outdoors industry
has helped it scale fast. The founders
have firm faith in the power of a “young
workforce” and believe that it can deliver
extraordinary results given the right
opportunity. Wildcraft is constantly
pushing the envelope and has engen-
dered a free and open working environ-
ment that acts as a motivational plank.
The other reason driving its adventur-
ous trek upward is the strong R&D back-
ing. The products are made to withstand
local climate and Wildcraft has demon-
strated how understanding of local con-
ditions in designing products can help a
startup grow its appeal. With an in-house
from end-to-end, ensuring performance
requirements are met,” says Dublish.
The innovative outreach strategy of
course adds to the growth impetus. In
December 2014, with a new logo and
TVC, the brand revitalised its presence,
besides the extensive additions to its
product portfolio that expanded its con-
sumer reach. The fact that Wildcraft has
held its own despite adopting a single
price strategy and no discounts and deals
mantra in a market driven by the oppo-
site, speaks volumes for the company’s
own resilience and proves that deals and
discounts do not necessarily translate
into profitable sales per square feet.
Currently, the founders’ focus is entire-
ly on “driving Wildcraft’s growth story”,
as Dublish says adding, “We feel there is
tremendous scope to grow and develop
the outdoors segment in India. Essential
to this vision is the expansion of our foot-
print in the market and we plan to do this
aggressively.” Determination, grit and an
adventurous spirit do help an enterprise
craft success for the wilds.
(Based on interview & research)
R&D team, global supply chain,
manufacturing muscle, a robust
sales and marketing team and
partner networks, Wildcraft
works on meeting the best
industry standards and therein
lies the appeal of its ergonomi-
cally designed durable, resilient
and sturdy gear for the brand
fickle young consumer base.
“We control the value chain
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