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Facebook daily, or the number of daily
posts on Twitter,” says Tewari, founder
and CEO, InMobi.
A typical consumer on the InMobi
network has six or more touch points
with InMobi on any given day. A touch
point is an interaction that a consumer
has with the InMobi network through
a mobile app or mobile site. Likewise,
33 per cent of messaging app users and
16.5 per cent of gaming users, respec-
tively, have four or more touch points
with the InMobi network on a day.
As per a press release, 43 per cent
of unique mobile devices on InMobi’s
network come from advanced mobile
markets in North America and Western
Europe. Asia Pacific, which accounts for
38 per cent of InMobi’s audience, is the
second largest contributor, while Latin
America accounts for 10 per cent.
Growth Strategy
As a mobile advertising firm, InMobi
works with top companies to drive their
mobile/m-commerce revenues through
customer acquisitions, and does not
compete with them. InMobi’s
success stems from the fact that it works
with thousands of mobile publishers
and app developers on the one hand and
advertisers on the other. As mentioned,
it’s not just this combo but also the
right timing which has worked favour-
ably for Tewari. The fact is that mobile
commerce is a very exciting business
vertical that has taken to advertising in
a big way. As more users continue to
discover products and
shop on their mobile
devices, InMobi steps in
to help its e-commerce
customers target relevant
audiences through the
ad network. Not satisfied
with just that, Tewari
is gearing up for a new
innings. “In 2015, we will
continue to build on our
momentum by growing
deeper in the markets
that we are already estab-
lished in, and by develop-
ing products that will help us maintain
our competitive edge.”
Success Mantra
Tewari started the company at a time
when mobile advertising was at a
nascent stage and has consistently inno-
vated, including the industry-first native
ad platform and the native programmat-
ic exchange. Mobile phone adoption has
been the fastest amongst all technologi-
cal innovations since the industrial revo-
lution. It is therefore no surprise that the
massive growth in mobile phone pen-
etration has been the single most impor-
tant factor that has contributed to the
growth strategy. “Product innovations,
reducing price and faster and cheaper
Internet access have made it easier for
consumers to adopt this technology. The
explosive growth of the mobile app phe-
nomenon with more than 1 million apps
on both Google and Apple app stores
has been the other key contributor to
our growth,” he attributes.
Other factors are also responsible
for InMobi’s success. The company
has partnered with developers and
premium publishers for monetising
their mobile apps and mobile proper-
ties. These partnerships provide a
massive scale of more than 1 billion
unique active mobile devices. “Our
partnerships on the advertising side
of our business with both brands and
agencies have helped us generate the
monetisation that our publishers and
developers want. Similarly our partner-
ship with Rubicon Proj-
ect has helped us bring
mobile native program-
matic to the market, as
brands and agencies
look to expand beyond
the desktop to reach
consumers on mobile,”
he reasons.
Little wonder that in
2013, InMobi was recog-
nised by MIT Technology
Review as one of the top
50 disruptive companies
in the world for 2013.
India Strategy
In India, mobile accounts for a big por-
tion of revenues for several e-commerce
giants. For Tewari, InMobi’s mobile
advertising platform is a key component
of mobile commerce companies in
India. “With commerce majors invest-
ing over US$ 3 billion in India alone
(several times that globally), we are
confident that the space would serve as a
key growth area,” he asserts.
InMobi clicked with the Indian audi-
ence because it pioneered the concept
of native advertising on mobile. For the
uninitiated, native advertising units
are integrated, organic experiences that
drive unprecedented consumer engage-
ment on any mobile device. The effort
has helped the company scale to over
1 billion unique active mobile devices.
“We are working closely with several
Indian advertisers and publishers to
tap into this opportunity. We recently
announced our partnership with NDTV,
which has taken to native advertising in
a big way to monetise their mobile ad
inventory,” adds Tewari. Several publish-
ers and advertisers have also come on
board since then.
This partnership comes at a time
when mobile advertising is gaining
momentum in India. Taking a cue
from the growing trend, the company
has already taken the lead in educating
brands and agencies to expand their can-
vas and reach wider audiences. “We do
this with creative ad formats, our ability
to crunch data to arrive at meaningful
information on our user behaviour as
well as our global scale,” he said, by way
of explanation.
Tewari manages to stay ahead of the
curve through sheer insight. The entre-
preneur has identified several verticals
that can take to mobile advertising in
greater degrees and is already working
with these partners. Commenting on
the future trends, Tewari said, “We are
reimagining advertising in 2015 with
innovations in products and technol-
ogy, business partnerships and people
growth. The current investments are
focused on driving unparalleled user
of messaging
app users &
16.5% of gam-
ing users have 4
or more touch-
points with
InMobi per day.
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