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have over 25 different
skillsets spread across our
REA teams, right from
chartered accountants,
engineers and MBAs
to software developers,
graphic designers,
accountants to liberal
arts graduates. This
enables us to be a one-
stop shop and support
all the functions in an
finance, HR, sales,
marketing, operations,
customer service, IT &
MIS,” informs Kulkarni.
Under the umbrella of
REA™, Brickwork has
three business verticals—
admin services, desktop
research services and IT
services. Under admin
services, it provides
business and accounting
support professionals who take care of
all the day-to-day routine back-office
work, accounting and book-keeping
services, etc; the desktop research
services vertical has a team of business
analysts comprising MBAs, CPAs and
engineers, specialising in providing
insights and solutions to clients to
make better business and investment
decisions, and under the third vertical
of IT services, software engineers
and graphic designers provide clients
technology assistance ranging from
simple support to highly creative
website design, real time application
software and mobile apps.
The company that had coined the
term REA, innovated and evolved it
further to include diversified services.
“We have crafted four kinds of Remote
EAs to match any requirement that
a business may have: Knowledge
REA, Technical REA, Admin REA and
Back-office REA,” says Kulkarni. Now
the company is working on a new
concept of “Centre of Excellence”. The
reason being, as Kulkarni explains,
“We found that executive assistants
across geographies work in a highly
fragmented environment. There is no
common support or a common thread
that holds them together to reinvent
the executive assistant support where
we augment the onsite EA support.”
REA has enabled the “4-hour work
week” famously for Brickwork India’s
outsourced clients. When asked if it
has done the same for him, Kulkarni
laughingly admits, “While we have
enabled 4-hour work week for our
clients, Sangeeta and I work at least
50–60 hours a week. Because of our
unique and complex model, the busi-
ness requires a lot of attention and
keeps us on our toes.” Sangeeta Kulkar-
ni is the CEO and Co-Founder of Brick-
work India. Elevated to her current
post in 2012, Sangeeta had been earlier
working as COO and has brought
about far-reaching changes in the
company—firstly, by rebranding the
REA specifically for large corporates as
a “Virtual Office”, which brought more
Fortune 100 clientele to the company’s
fold and secondly, by derisking the
company’s business.
Though Kulkarni declined to share the
names of his clients due to confidentiality
clause, he added, “Today the teams sup-
port top management-level executives of
two of the world’s largest pharmaceutical
firms, a big US-based hedge fund, a
Fortune 100 food processing company as
well as one of the world’s largest engineer-
ing and designmultinationals, just to
name a few. In addition, we have worked
with at least 15,000 individual customers.”
The first Indian virtual assistance
company to receive the ISO 27001:2005
certificate for data security and confiden-
tiality, Brickwork India, as the first mover
in this space, had no precedents to learn
from. “Our initial incubation period was
consumed in refining the concept and
being nimble to address diverse client
needs. Today, we have mastered the art of
servicing all kinds of clients,” says Kulkar-
ni. With a vision to scale up to become the
preferred partner for Fortune 1000 clients
and a one-stop shop for SMEs, Brickwork
India continues innovating for a global
presence, with plans to open centres in
geographies across the world.
(Based on interview & research)
Innovative Matrimony:
and Sangeeta’s
perfect partnership is behind Brickwork India’s success.
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