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Security in Nation
Underwriting the
importance of a secured economy in
turbulent times.
IN 2013,
eminent scientific
thinker and author of more than
40 books, Dr P Sekhar, who is also
Chairman of Micro Tech Global
Foundation, a Navi Mumbai-
based leading Indian think tank
and research organisation on
Secured Governance, released
a unique book on the Indian
tourism sector and the prospects
of national growth through the
vehicle of tourism. The book
Secured Tourism – An Engine
for Techno-Economic Growth
was hailed as a path-breaking
attempt on tourism economy.
The 500-page book covered
in depth 3,650 major tourism
attractions in the country and
showed the roadmap to develop-
ing a secure tourism sector.
Secured Techno-Economic
Growth of India – A Global
perspective – Unleashing Hidden
Growth Potential
, Dr Sekhar looks
at the larger potential of eco-
nomic growth through a secured
economy. As he writes in the
Author’s Note, the book shows the
importance of a secured techno-
economic growth mechanism to
nurture efforts at nation building
and result in prosperity for the
potential, security threats and
perceptions, the state of gover-
nance of the sector, etc, the author
provides one of the most in-depth
analyses of India’s sectoral
economy and the importance of
each sector in the overall develop-
ment of the country. For instance
in the chapter on transport, the
author takes us through a detailed
analysis of the sector to answering
questions like “Why is transport
important to a country” to interde-
pendency of the sector with other
sectors. Explaining the concept
of secured governance as a struc-
tural approach to governance that
includes good governance, e-gov-
ernance, m-governance and secu-
rity governance, Dr Sekhar next
takes the reader to the importance
of this concept in a particular sec-
tor. The depth of analysis leaves
little untouched. The author also
provides an analysis of relevant
technologies that can secure
a sector. The book is undoubt-
edly the work of a scholar whose
knowledge is not just vast but
whose vision too is sweeping in
its breadth. A recommended read
for research scholars, policy mak-
ers, government and students.
country. Why is a secured nation
so important for the country’s
growth? The most important rea-
son, he says is that domestic and
international investor confidence
will increase the prospects of the
country as a business destination
and result in increased foreign
direct investment, which will help
in infrastructure development,
employment generation and lead
to enhanced productivity. The
contribution to GDP will also
rise as a consequence of these
growing economic activities.
Through individual chapters
dedicated to India’s many sec-
tors—transport, power, telecom,
postal, real estate, government
facilities, law & order, judicial,
education, healthcare, bank-
ing, tourism & public assembly,
agriculture and entertain-
ment—the author brings out
the unique interplay of security
and governance and the impact
of it on the development of the
sectors. The author has also
dedicated an entire chapter
to secured governance and
explains therein the concept.
From the history of a sector
to its current status, economic
Dr P Sekhar
has authored
more than 40
books and is
Chairman, Micro
Tech Global
Foundation, a
leading Indian
think tank
and research
on Secured
Governance. He
has a Masters
in Science and
a doctorate
in Solid State
Electronics and
Nuclear Physics.
“...I realized that security could actually play a
pivotal role in the overall nation building process
and help in improving the quality of life...”
Dr P Sekhar, Author
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