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We Can Do IT Too:
Training rural youth may require going an extra mile, but they prove to be an
asset worth the effort. Their output and efficiency are comparable to the urban workforce.
closely with the customer and the
centres and delivers the contracts
in a seamless manner.”
RuralShores is approximately
25 per cent more cost effective
than urban operations, says
Murali. Despite the fact that
these BPOs are rural based and
also a social initiative, there is no
relaxation of service levels (SLAs).
“RuralShores strives to deliver
Metro SLA @ Rural BPO. Service
metrics and KPIs are monitored
and reviewed with the customers.
In processes where RuralShores
is one of the vendors in a multi-
vendor environment, it outper-
forms the rest of the vendors on
metrics and customer satisfac-
tion,” says Murali proudly.
Since the business model is
sound, RuralShores has raised
multiple rounds of funding from
its investors and continues to
enjoy their confidence and sup-
port. “Two of our centres in Kar-
nataka received grants from the
state government under the Rural
BPO Policy,” informs Murali.
Their early engagement with the
local government for completing
small jobs like cattle census and
land records, paved the way for
bigger government projects and
led to the creation of a dedicated
vertical for e-governance. It also
made it easier for them to obtain
buildings from local government
bodies on lease as the company
generated employment.
Seeing the opportunity in
providing last mile connectiv-
ity for multinationals and other
companies trying to expand
their rural network, RuralShores
decided to enter the allied busi-
ness enablement services sector.
The advantages in this vertical
would be built on the back of its
centre partners’ local knowledge
and network and through a dedi-
cated help desk in local language
to facilitate interactions of rural
farmer with its urban clients.
This provides income opportuni-
ties for its local centre partners
and career opportunities for
many of the process associates.
The model also generates
back-end processing jobs that
directly contribute to the top line
of the company. The company
meanwhile independently creates
about 100–150 jobs in each of its
locations, and acting as a gateway
to other companies, it could cre-
ate employment for another 200-
300 people. “RuralShores has
been able to directly impact the
lives of 13,000 people and indi-
rectly impacted close to 6 million
lives through the venture,” says
Murali. It surely has unleashed
a wave of quiet revolution that is
building momentum in India’s
(Based on interview & secondary
t Governed by Quality Management System
adhering to ISO 9001:2008
t Strong metrics management based on daily
t 11 mn+ transactions handled annually
maintaining 99%+ Quality
Physical Infrastructure Level Controls
t 24x7 dedicated security personnel
t Biometric access controls
t Paperless environment
t Disabled writing devices
t CCTV monitoring
Information Security
Strong IS controls modelled on lines of ISO
Quality & Information Security
Procedural Level Controls
t InfoSec training on employee induction
t Employee acceptance of Non-Disclosure Agreement
t Strong password management
t Monitoring activities in network
t Clean Desk Policy
t Regular audits & sweeps
t Adherence to client mandated procedures
Lean Six Sigma Root
Cause Analysis
Sampling based QA
Tracking, Training &
Strong maker
checker controls
3 Tier Quality Model
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