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eToilets, the self-flushing, self-monitoring
technology-based sanitation solutions are no
longer the stuff of science fiction. An Indian social
enterprise has made them an innovative route to
sustainable solutions. The improvements in the
model continue…
long drive for a short week-
end getaway away from the
heat and dust of a baking
national capital is a wel-
come thought. You pack
your boot with enough mineral water
and fizzy drinks to keep your family
hydrated for the entire journey. The only
jarring note in this beautiful story is
the lack of clean toilets for the essential
short breaks en route.
Now re-imagine this journey where
you have stopped en route the fascinat-
ing countryside drive for a toilet break
somewhere in the late evening. You
have found this location mapped on
your GPRS. You find a futuristic look-
ing stainless steel box with an ‘eToilet’
sign on it. Curious, you walk up to it
and there is a display light outside the
unit which is green, indicating status
as ‘unoccupied’. A sign on the unit says
‘insert coin’ and as soon as you have, the
door automatically opens to reveal a
gleaming well-lit interior. Upon entering
the toilet, indoor lights and fans switch
on automatically. The pre-flush system
wets the closet initially to ensure cleanli-
ness. You finish your business and a
signage prompts you to flush manually.
In case in your hurry you have forgotten
to flush, you are assured that the system
will automatically flush after you exit.
An automatic floor cleaning mechanism
ensures pressure washing will also
clean the floor automatically. You decide
not to push the switch since you know it
is programmed to function after a speci-
fied usage. This is the typical experience
of using an eToilet—clean, hygienic,
simple, convenient and even delightful
if compared with the usual ‘on the go’
options. The best part is that this is not
a dream.
Anvar Sadath, Chief Executive Officer,
Eram Scientific Solutions (ESS), the
company behind this revolutionary con-
cept says, “eToilet is an indigenous rev-
enue generating innovatively designed
and engineered public sanitation model
with a unique ambience to suit Indian
cities and urban locations. The long
term vision envisages building a sus-
tainable and well-maintained toilet and
public infrastructure network across the
country that is affordable and accessible
to the common man. The idea is to
make eToilets 100 per cent automated
(non-touch) for use, self-sustainable,
creating their own energy and water for
functioning and powering the external
Eram Scientific Solutions (an indepen-
dent entity), part of Saudi Arabia-based
US$ 1 billion Eram Group, is primarily a
research and development social enter-
prise with expertise in the water and
sanitation sectors. ESS began its innova-
tion-led journey in 2008 in Thiruvana-
nthapuram, Kerala and in a short span
of time introduced the evolutionary
technology-integrated toilet concept in
the market. The company’s focus is on
finding cost-effective scientific solutions
to solve core infrastructure problems
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