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GeneOmbio Technologies launches India’s first nutrigenomics lab in Pune

The Economic Times:  July, 2014

Pune: Pune-based geneOmbio Technologies and Resilient Cosmeceuticals have launched the country's first comprehensive nutrigenomics support lab. This has been done in collaboration with DNA LIFE, South Africa, a joint venture of DNAlysis biotechnology, South Africa and Nordic Labs, Denmark, under the GeneSupport brand.

The company said that this move would enable an era of personalised wellness, including diet, exercise and lifestyle changes using genetics as the tool to formulate a customised health solution.

Sachin Purohit, MD, Resilient Cosmeceuticals said, "Earlier, nutrigenomic testing was only limited to research, but now we are moving into an era of individual wellness support, based on our genetic make-up. Through this platform, we would be directly interacting with individuals and enabling them to lead a long and healthy life." Dr. Amol Raut, Head, Lab and R&D Operations, GeneOmbio Technologies said, "Environmental factors are rapidly changing every passing day affecting human health, and this has created need to devise personalized solutions for every individual as we all react differently. The present "one size fits all" approach of medicine may not be the best possible solution.

Growingly, individuals are adapting to informed decisions. GeneSupport, along with the help of dieticians and medical practitioners, is bringing about an unmistakable edge to the dietetic or medical practice in India through "gene-based" counselling."

The lab offers a range of tests catered to a user's personalized needs by studying their life-health profile, sport and exercise support, diet regimen, estrogen, lactose intolerance test, gluten intolerance test, and ApoE (Apo lipoprotein) diet plan. GeneSupport aims to build an awareness of nutrigenomics across India as method of predictive medicine to safe guard users from a young age through life style changes.