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NBRI's global alliance with US-based company

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NBRI's global alliance with US-based company

Business Standard:  June, 2011

New Delhi/ Lucknow: To produce bio-fertiliser from waste.

Lucknow-based National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) has entered into a global alliance with the Indian subsidiary of US-based Proterra International for developing bio-fertilizer from organic waste.

The memorandum of understanding with Proterra India would allow NBRI to develop bio-fertilizer by processing organic waste through microbial fortification.

The alliance would explore the possibility of developing a commercially viable product on large scale to augment agricultural productivity and soil fertility in the country, irrespective of geographical zones and agro-climatic conditions.

A time frame of one year has been set initially for the fructification of the idea.

NBRI Director C S Nautiyal expressed confidence that the alliance would be successful in developing a commercial product for not only ensuring safe disposal of organic waste, but also helping the agricultural sector in the process.

On behalf of Proterra India, the memorandum of understanding was signed last evening by its CEO Mark Hodges in the presence of Indo-US Foundation for Research President and CEO Arun Goyal.

Under the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) Vision 2022, NBRI has the mandate of providing scientific and innovative industrial research and development leadership for maximising economic, environmental and societal benefits to people, particularly in agriculture.

Since 2004, NBRI has been working in the arena of research by producing value added products from waste to enhancing agricultural production, farmers’ income and enriching soil and plant health.