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WEF 2013, A Different Davos

WEF 2013, A Different Davos

Aparna Dutt Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, IBEF

Jan 28, 2013 4:48 PM

Davos 2013 was different. There was an overwhelming presence from foreign governments and with them came accompanying delegations in hoards. New nation brand campaigns like the kind from Azerbaijan were perhaps visible for the first time than the regular ones, behind of course India. The India nation brand campaign was strategically positioned. Delegates spoke to us of our highly visible brand messaging across the buses when meeting us at the India Adda. And with the PepsiCo lounge being based in close vicinity at Café Schneider, it saw some very interesting interactions with Ms Indra Nooyi, as she not only sampled the delectable Indian foods but did visit us as promised for interactions with us at IBEF and with Indian officials and businessmen. And something to say of the mood at WEF Davos 2013 – the attendance was a bit tepid, but the world seemed to be coming to terms with the new definitions of Resilient Dynamism for the global economy and nations.

Media continued to be present in large numbers, but quite a few global business players from India and abroad spoke to me of no bytes to media. But quite a few nation brand agencies came to us, curiously enquiring of our nation brand strategy and more. This was a different Davos.



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