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"MDI should be known as an institute of innovation and hub for intellectual property"

Prof. M P Jaiswal, Dean (Research & Accreditations), MDI Gurgaon

Mar 29, 2017 09:12

MDI is one of the premier business schools nurturing future managers and CEOs. However, it is not well known that MDI also does a lot of interesting work in the area of research and public policy. Prof. M P Jaiswal, Dean (Research & Accreditations), MDI Gurgaon shares perspective on the research work being done at MDI and the vision for the research arm in an exclusive interaction with IBEF. Edited excerpts:


Can you throw some light on the reasons for increasing research footprint at MDI Gurgaon?


MDI is an academic institution which has a business programme as well as a public policy programme. However, we do not want to only teach in the class about the external world but also want to create our own properties. Public Policy has a lot of shortage in terms of literature and clarity. MDI has been conducting research and coming out with publications across various areas of the public policy and also sharing it with the government for possible inclusions in the policy framework. For instance, we have worked on industrial policy much before Make in India come to the front. Similarly, we have been working in other important segments in the public policy. 


MDI recently released a report on the cab aggregators. Can you share the key findings presented in the report?


One of the major key finding in this report is that we suggested is that surge pricing should not be regulated and should be left on the demand-supply scenario. Another key suggestion is setting up of a universal call centre which aims to tackling issues like health of the driver and safety of the passenger. In addition, the cab companies should also provide educations and welfare opportunities to the children of the driver. As the policy changes from one state to the other and it limits the reach of the cab providers, the fourth recommendation is that there should be a central policy which should be applicable on all the states. 


What is your vision for the research arm of MDI?


MDI should be known as an institute of innovation and hub for intellectual property rather than just being known as a business school. Our education should not focus on how to manage business but on how to create business. Our faculty should work like an entrepreneur and should be able to generate the own revenue of the division. Our ultimate objective is to emerge a global think tank.