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The average value of transactions made on mobile phones in India has beaten the average value of transactions made from credit and debit cards. The average value of transactions from mobile phones stood at Rs 5,847 (US$ 88.5) in FY 2014-15, which was significantly higher than Rs 3,089 (US$ 46.7) transaction value via credit cards and Rs 1,485 (US$ 22.5) via debit cards, according to the Reserve Bank of India. The rising mobile payments only signal towards the increasing consumer acceptability towards using mobile phones as the preferred medium for payments. In this light, the payment banks are expected to be the game changer in the Indian banking industry.

In another significant development, search queries from mobile devices from India has surpassed the desktop driven queries with a share of over 50 per cent, up from less than 25 per cent in the second half of 2013, according to Google. The surge in mobile queries in India was supported by strong smartphone sales, estimated at close to six million every month, Google added. Factors like affordable smartphones and data prices are expected to drive the mobile growth in the coming years as well.

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The Brand India Pharma blogs provide regular updates on the trends and happening in the Indian pharmaceutical industry under the Brand India Pharma campaign. The Brand India Pharma campaign is a significant initiative being managed by IBEF for improving the perception about Indian pharmaceutical products in overseas markets.

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“Organic food market in India is projected to register growth at a CAGR of over 25 per cent during 2015-20.”

Ravi Capoor, IAS
Chief Executive Officer
India Brand Equity Foundation

Organic foods: Four fold growth in three years
Did You Know?
Search queries from mobile devices from India have surpassed desktop driven queries, currently having a share of more than 50 per cent as compared to less than 25 per cent in 2013.
Economy & Policy Snapshots
Smart Cities project to benefit 12 crore residents
New Delhi:The total population of the proposed 98 cities which benefit from Government of India’s Smart Cities project is about 120 million accounting for 35 per cent of country’s total urban population.
  Pharma department to launch Rs 1,000-cr VC for pharma start-ups
Chennai: The Government of India is planning to launch a Rs 1,000 crore (US$ 120 million) venture capital fund under the Department of Pharmaceuticals in order to support start-ups from pharmaceutical and biotech industry in research and development.
Most Indians shop across channels: study
New Delhi: According to a study by Hansa Cequity, a customer marketing firm and Retailers Association of India (RAI), nearly 74 per cent of Indian consumers shop across all channels which include local retailers, modern trade outlets and online channels.
  Avg value of mobile transactions beats credit, debit cards
Mumbai: Average value of transactions via mobile phones in FY 2014-15 was Rs 5,847 (US$ 88.5), significantly above Rs 3,089 (US$ 46.7) transaction value via credit cards and Rs 1,485 (US$ 22.5) via debit cards, according to the Reserve Bank of India.
PE investments in real estate this year highest since 2008: C&W report
Bengaluru: Private equity (PE) worth Rs 11,080 crore (US$ 1.6 billion) was invested in the Indian real estate sector between January and June 2015. This is the highest investment in this sector from PEs since 2008.
  Make in India: IFFCO launches joint venture with Mitsubishi Corp for manufacturing agrochemicals
New Delhi: Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) has launched a joint venture with Japanese firm Mitsubishi Corporation for manufacturing agrochemicals in India.
They Said It
"We are a young nation. Given the population, we can service the needs of not only this country, but we can also be a source of employment abroad. We can be the service provider to the world."
S Ramadorai
National Skills Development Agency
Exclusive   Focus: Exports
Bihar: State Snapshot
Bihar is one of the strongest agricultural states. The percentage of population employed in agricultural production in Bihar is around 80 per cent, which is much higher than the national average. It is the largest producer of vegetables and the second largest producer of fruits in India.
India is the second largest producer of textiles and garments in the world with an enormous raw material and manufacturing base. This industry accounts for almost 24 per cent of the world’s spindle capacity and eight per cent of global rotor capacity.
Media: Blog
Media: Interview   Changing entrepreneurial ecosystem in India; Start-ups betting high
Umang Srivastava, Joint Managing Director, Bonita India shares his perspective on the current entrepreneurial ecosystem in India and how first generation start-ups are making an impact in the country in an exclusive article for IBEF.

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