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Construction is one of the major industries in UAE especially after the new agenda for economic development adopted by the government. The UAE government’s stress on diversification of economic activities includes spending in infrastructure, building new industrial areas and development of education and healthcare has enhanced the scope for construction sector. Another major driver of the upsurge in construction is the mega trade show ‘World Expo 2020’ which is scheduled to be held in Dubai during October 2020. According to mid-2017 reports, a bulk of new projects in urban, industrial, transport, utilities and oil and gas segments are in the tender phase. Strong prospect of construction industry will certainly make room for ‘construction products & machinery’ segment to flourish as an invariable consequence. Both IMF and the World Bank has projected economic recovery in the UAE in 2018 and further strengthening of the same in 2019. Export earnings will pick up gradually with non-oil goods trade and services outpacing oil export growth. Oil production capacity is expected to increase but the strength of the non-oil economy is to boost prospects particularly in 2019 as mega-project implementation ramps up ahead of Expo 2020 hosted by Dubai.

Big 5 Dubai 2018

The Big 5 is the largest construction exhibition in the Middle East. For more than three decades, the Big 5 has gone from strength to strength, to evolve into the largest, most influential and renowned portfolio of construction industry events spanning the Middle East, India and South East Asia. The Big 5 network now includes more than 300,000 suppliers and buyers of construction products from 120 countries worldwide. It is one of the most important exhibitions in the region to meet existing as well as new customers and increase the presence in the Gulf region.

Brand India Engineering at Big 5 Dubai 2018

With a total participation of around 50 companies in the country pavilion, India aims to present the strengths in the area of construction and pumps & valves at Big 5 2018. With EEPC India leading the country pavilion, India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) is the branding partner for India’s participation at The Big 5 2018.