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Evolva Biotech

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Evolva Biotech

  • Presence in healthcare, nutrition as well as pharma
  • Listed at the main segment of the Swiss Stock Exchange
  • Global presence in many countries such as Denmark, US, Switzerland

Evolva is a private limited Swiss company which was established in 2004. All patents and compound IP and most key contracts are held by Evolva SA, which is its parent company based in Switzerland. Formal relations with other group companies are governed by research agreements (US pending) and board positions. Evolva Biotech Pvt Ltd, based in Chennai, India, is a private limited Indian company that is majority owned and fully controlled by Evolva SA, while a minority position is held by Ventureast.

Evolva follows a business-to-business model, providing ingredients (and technologies for making ingredients) to other companies, in particular in the food and beverage, consumer health and pharmaceutical sectors. Evolva Biotech Pvt Ltd unit works on the creation of gene libraries and synthetic and analytical chemistry. In addition, it works on industrial projects and informatics.


Evolva Biotech Auto: Biotechnology with a Difference

2011 Enters into a final licensing agreement with Serodus ASA for the compound EV-077
2010 Signs an agreement with Roche to create compounds with activity on targets in oncology and anti-infectives
2008 Bags Army Research Office (ARO) contract and receives award of funding from the Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center, Cleveland
2007 Evolva US (Genetic Chemistry Inc) incorporated
2006 Signs collaboration with Functional Genetics to discover therapeutics against haemorrhagic fever viruses
The biotechnology industry in India comprises >2700 biotech start-ups and is estimated to reach 10,000 by 2024.