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Hercules Hoists

  • Hercules Hoists brings the “Indef-Zasche” Manipulators made from Carbon Fibre for the first time in India.
  • It has launched high quality mechanical handling equipment – Chain Pulley Blocks, Ratchet Lever Hoists and Pulling & Lifting machines in association with PlanetaHebetechnik GmbH, Germany.
  • Also, launched a new series of modern and ultra-compact electric chain hoists, wire rope hoists and jib cranes in cooperation with Varese Handling Technology srl.

Hercules Hoists is part of the Bajaj Group, one of India's eminent and leading business houses. The Bajaj Group is amongst the top 10 business houses in India. Hercules Hoists Limited was incorporated in 1962 with technical and financial collaboration from Heinrich de Fries GmbH, Germany. The Company and its products, are more known by the leading industry brand name, INDEF: a thoughtful amalgam of India and Hadef (the brand name of Heinrich de Fries).

Over the last five decades, Hercules Hoists and its brands have become synonymous with proven and robust material handling equipment, making us market leaders in the areas of our operation. The firm has tied up with some leading names in the world of material handling technologies: ZascheSitec Handling GmbH, Germany; Planeta Hebetechnik GmbH, Germany; Varese Handling Technologies srl, Italy amongst others to bring cutting edge technologies, products and solutions to our customers.


Hercules Hoists: with its brand, Indef have been ensuring reliable and safe productivity at multiple thousands of work places. From simple manual hoists to complex automated systems: we offer the entire range of solutions.

2014 AMA’s (Dealers) Conference at Budapest, Hungary
2013-14 The firm has also launched a new product group: Manipulators
2013-14 It has developed new series of compact and modular Wire Rope Hoists designed with contemporary design technologies and incorporating internationally serviceable robust and proven components
2013-14 The Company’s 4 Windmills produced 6.97 million units of energy, as against 7.14 million units of energy produced in the previous year.


Engineering and Capital Goods
Engineering exports were US$ 75.90 billion in FY20 and reached US$ 39.90 billion in FY21 (as of October 2020).