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L G Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd

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L G Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd

  • Leading Indian roller chain manufacturer
  • One of the leading industries in South India
  • First Indian chain manufacturer to get ISO 9001 certification
  • Product acceptance both in India and abroad

LG Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd (LGB) was formed in 1937 as a Transport Operator and began with a fleet of 250 buses. Today, it is one of the leading industries in South India and has grown into India's leading roller chain manufacturer. The company has always kept pace with the technological advancements and met with customer needs with newer and innovative solutions. Today, LGB stands proud as the premier manufacturer of automotive chains under the popular brand name 'ROLON'.

The company has 17 chain manufacturing plants, all ISO 9001 certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc., USA. Three of the manufacturing facilities along with the central functions have been registered to ISO/TS 16949 by UL, USA. As a company focused on innovation, LGB places great emphasis on research and development (R&D) and uses facilities such as Pro-E, CAD and CAM. The government recognised R&D facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for the testing of raw materials and finished products.


L G Balakrishnan & Bros Ltd: Leading South Indian Industry

2006 Inaugurates LGB Bosh Plant for CRDi components
2003 Inaugurates Hot Forging Division
2000 Inaugurates Cold Forging Division
1995 Inaugurates Textile Division
1993 Inaugurates Rubber Belt Division
Engineering and Capital Goods
Engineering exports were US$ 75.90 billion in FY20 and reached US$ 39.90 billion in FY21 (as of October 2020).