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Reliance Life Sciences

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Reliance Life Sciences

  • Fully-integrated life sciences industry player
  • Operates state-of-the-art facilities in life sciences domain
  • Company employs about 800 people
  • First Indian biopharmaceutical company to make an overseas acquisition

Reliance Life Sciences (RLS) is part of the Reliance Group of companies. RLS was established to develop business opportunities in medical biotechnology with key initiatives in biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals, regenerative medicine, clinical research and molecular diagnostics.

From an integration perspective, these opportunities encompass repositories, research, process development, pre-clinical studies, human clinical trials, commercial-scale manufacture and marketing, all of which are carried out in-house.

Reliance GeneMedix plc, a UK-based subsidiary of RLS with a manufacturing facility in Ireland, is developing biosimilars for the European market.

Reliance Institute of Life Sciences is a not-for-profit organisation, focusing on competency development in Biotechnology, not only for Reliance Life Sciences but also for the industry. The institute offers a wide range of competency development programs and diploma programs in biotherapeutics and clinical research.

RLS initiative is one of the most diverse and integrated biotechnology initiatives being developed anywhere in the world.


Reliance Life Sciences: Most diverse and integrated biotechnology initiatives

2013 RLS enters anti-cancer market
2010 RLS has planned to launch biosimilar drug in Europe.
2009 RLS has increased its holding in its European subsidiary, Reliance GeneMedix from 75 per cent to 79 per cent.
2008 RLS has developed a portal for breast cancer genomics.
2007 RLS became the first Indian biopharmaceutical company to make an overseas acquisition.
The Healthcare industry size is estimated to reach US$ 193.83 billion by 2020 and US$ 372 billion by 2022.