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Captain Tractors Pvt Ltd

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Captain Tractors Pvt Ltd

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • The product has the capability to handle most of agriculture work.
  • Fuel efficient and eco – friendly product.
  • Great services, products and support for the customers.

Captain Tractors Pvt Ltd is growing immensely as leading manufacturers and exporters of Tractors in India. The company started its business by developing a Mini tractor first that can be quickly arranged by small or medium farmers to complete their routine tasks.

The company is well equipped with all latest tools, equipment, advance machineries, R & D lab, quality control instruments and well trained staff to design and manufacture high quality workable products. As the leading tractor exporters and manufacturers, they ensure defect free production line as per industry norms.

The company has also expanded their manufacturing network in foreign countries without making any compromise on quality standards.


Captain Tractors Pvt Ltd: pioneer of the mini tractor

2011 Awarded as Best MSME for the outstanding performance in innovation in technology by Government of Gujarat.
2008 Won the National Award for outstanding research and development (R&D) achievement by Government of India.
1994 Inception of the company.
India's electric vehicle (EV) market is estimated to be a Rs. 50,000 crore (US$ 7.09 billion) opportunity by 2025, with two- and three-wheelers expected to drive higher electrification of the vehicles.