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Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd. (TAAL)

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Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd. (TAAL)

  • First private sector company in India to manufacture general aviation aircraft
  • Presence in all aviation related business activities
  • As on March 31, 2014, total profit from operations before other income, finance stood at Rs 37,93 million (US$ 600,095.90)

Part of the Pune based Indian seamless group, Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd (TAAL) was established in 1994 as the first private sector company in the country to manufacture general aviation i.e. non-military aircraft. The company's vision at the time was to create a nucleus facility for the development of an aeronautical industry in India and in particular to promote affordable general aviation in the country. To kick-off this process, TAAL entered into a collaboration with Partenavia of Italy to manufacture the six-seat twin piston-engine P68C aircraft and the eleven-seat twin turbo-prop Viator aircraft.

While manufacture of light transport and trainer aircraft continues to be in TAAL’s capability, the company has since diversified its activities and has established a significant presence in many segments of the aviation and aeronautical industries in India.

TAAL is into all aviation related business activities namely, aircraft manufacturing & maintenance centre and aviation infrastructure - Airfield & MRO.


Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Ltd: Accelerate your success

1997-98 Commencement of building of 3 Nos Proto type 14 Seater Multi Role Light Transport Aircraft ‘Saras’ in Association with National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL)
1996-97 Creative Partner Award from Aeronautical Development Establishment for development of Remote Pilotless Vehicle (RPV)
1994-95 Appointment of Authorized Sales Representative for CESSNA CITATION Aircraft in India
1991-92 Technical Know- how Transfer Agreement with M/s. Partenavia , Italy for manufacture of 6 Seater and 11 Seater Light Transport Aircraft
India’s aviation market is expected to be world’s third largest by 2024.