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  • As on March 31, 2014, total assets stood at Rs 2.68 billion (US$ 43.65 million)
  • Within Top 100 most Trusted Brands in India out of 16,000 brands
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified company
  • Market share leadership in value segment of the ECG monitors

BPL was established in 1963, by Mr T P G Nambiar to manufacture precision electrical instrumentation. Since inception, BPL has consistently met high quality standards driven by manufacturing prowess. Our emphasis has been always in providing customers with products that would give them a truly great experience and as well reassuring them that we will always stand by them. This has come from the very foundation upon which the brand was build - the philosophy that BPL inherited - "We are and will always be dedicated to making our customers' lives happier, healthier and more productive".


BPL: Happier living everyday

2011 BPL developed the complete smart home solution based on wireless technology.
1995 BPL commenced mobile telephony service with BPL Mobile, in Maharashtra, Mumbai, Tamil Nadu and Kerala circles.
1981 BPL entered consumer electronics with B&W TV. It also forayed into microcomputers and word processors.
1971 BPL started making power-line carrier communication equipment for power utility grids.
1963 British Physical Laboratories India Pvt Ltd (BPL-India) was incorporated to manufacture electrical measuring and test instruments.
Consumer Durables
The industry is expected to generate 5 lakh new employment opportunities and achieve cumulative foreign exchange inflows worth US$ 75 billion and investments of >US$ 1 billion by 2025.