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Arise India Ltd

  • Leader in India's electronics industry
  • One of India's largest manufacturers of electrical goods
  • Most products are ISI certified
  • Around 30 years of experience in the business

Arise India Ltd was established in 1984 while its first manufacturing unit was established in 1992. It is one of the India's largest integrated manufacturers of electrical goods. The company provides a range of consumer durable products that are well known for their exceptional quality and reliability. It has specialised manufacturing units in different spheres of the agricultural and electrical industry. Most of its products are ISI certified and have been honoured with various awards and licenses. The company has also been awarded an ISO 9001 - 2008 certification by BSI London (UK).

Arise's unit at Kala Amb, Himachal Pradesh manufactures UPS Systems, inverters and gas and electric geysers. Constant research and development (R&D), strict quality control and management processes are used to ensure that the product which rolls off the assembly line is consistent, reliable and designed to give the consumer years of trouble-free performance.


Arise India Ltd: Guaranteed Quality Products

2014 Launches Android powered LED televisions in India
2013 Launches Super and Wonder series of inverters
2012 Launches LCD and LED television in India
2011 Launches kitchen appliance range in Chandigarh
Manufacturing Sector in India
In October 2020, India's manufacturing sector recorded improvement for the third consecutive month, with businesses growing production to the greatest extent in 13 years in the middle of robust sales growth.