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Cipla Limited

  • Cipla has 34 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that make Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and formulations.
  • Cipla has over 2,000 products in 65 therapeutic categories.
  • Strong presence in over 170 countries.

Cipla is a global pharmaceutical company whose goal is ensuring no patient shall be denied access to high quality & affordable medicine and support. Cipla’s journey began in 1935 when our founder, Dr K A Hamied, set up an enterprise with the vision to make India self-sufficient in healthcare. Over the past 77 years, they have emerged as one of the world’s most respected pharmaceutical names, not just in India but worldwide.

For patients, caring is a promise that they will do whatever it takes to ensure they have continued access to the highest quality medicines at affordable prices; whether a disease affects millions or just a few hundreds.

To the medical fraternity, caring means the assurance of world-class medicines and support across multiple therapeutic areas.

For business partners, caring brings the confidence of always getting world-class quality and competitive prices.

For employees, caring manifests itself in a safe, equal-opportunities' workplace that fosters innovation for a healthier world.


Cipla: Caring for life

2014 Economic Times Lifetime Achievement Award
2013 Excellence Award in Enviornment Health & Safety.
2012 Received the award for Outstanding Export performance.
2007 Listed in Forbes’s Asia.
2006 Received the International Trade Award.
2005 Received the Pharma Excellence Award.
1935 Cipla founder Dr K A Hamied set up Cipla to make India self-reliant in healthcare.
Manufacturing Sector in India
In October 2020, India's manufacturing sector recorded improvement for the third consecutive month, with businesses growing production to the greatest extent in 13 years in the middle of robust sales growth.