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Sri Adhikari Brothers

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Sri Adhikari Brothers

  • 25 years of operation
  • First to introduce and champion the sponsorship based model as a production house
  • As of March 31, 2014, total assets were Rs 2.55 billion (US$ 41.33 million)
  • Consistent track record in terms of pioneering achievement in the field of television content production

Sri Adhikari Brothers (SAB) Group is a pioneer in the field of Indian media and has gone through various stages of growth over the last 25 years. The stints that the group had in the past in the form of a production house and as a broadcaster are extremely valuable.

The group not only has a fair amount of experience in the production of content but also in the broadcasting sector by creating a light humor centric television brand, SAB TV. The group has always successfully identified the gap in the market to become a leader in that space.

SAB Group was the first to introduce and champion the sponsorship based model as a production house. This has primarily ensured that the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) remain with the group. There is no other production house in India, which has this amount of IPR to take advantage of.

The management is aggressive in terms of expansion and intends to expand its broadcasting base by launching various channels at regular intervals and also concentrating on expansion of its core business i.e. content production.


Sri Adhikari Brothers

1988 The first standup comedy and slot leader from its initial week itself on DD1
1995 First publicly- listed television production company in India
1985 The company was founded
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The Indian media and entertainment industry is projected to increase at a CAGR of 13.5% from 2019 to 2024 and estimated to reach US$ 43.93 billion by 2024.