Ennore Port

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Ennore Port

  • 12th major port in India
  • Designed as Asia's energy port
  • First port in India which is a public company
  • All-weather port with vast back-up land

Ennore Port was recently renamed as Kamarajar Port. Kamarajar Port is located on the Coromandel Coast, about 24 km north of Chennai Port, Chennai, and is the 12th major port of India. The port was declared as a major port under the Indian Ports Act, 1908 in March 1999 and incorporated as Ennore Port Ltd under the Companies Act, 1956 in October 1999.

Kamarajar Port is the only corporatised major port and is registered as a company. This port is designed as Asia's energy port and seen as a satellite port to decongest and improve the environmental quality at the bustling Chennai Port.

Kamarajar Port is designed as a world-class port, with two breakwaters - one in the north measuring 3,080 m and the other in the south measuring 1,070 m. It has the capacity to develop 20 berths for handling a variety of bulk, liquid, automobile and container cargo. The port is an artificial port with features including all-weather and round-the-clock operations, a large back-up land, eco-friendly environment, state-of-the-art navigational facilities, well-organised logistics systems, and transport interface.

Source: http://www.ennoreport.gov.in/

Ennore Port: India's Port of the Millennium

2014 Name is officially changed to Kamarajar Port
2011 Receives `memorandum of excellence certificate' from Central government
2009 Gets project for Marine Liquid Terminal commissioned
2001 Commences commercial operations with Handymax geared vessels
1999 Becomes major port under Indian Ports Act

Updated: September, 2014

Ports in India handle around 95 per cent of international trade volume of the country.