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  • 93.62 million metric tonnes (MMT) of cargo handled in 2012–13
  • 2,734 cargo vessels handled in 2012–13
  • Operating income of Rs 780.41 crore (US$ 129.94 million*)

Kandla Port plays a major role in the country's international trade. Having notched up a string of successes, it has emerged as a forerunner and has carved a niche for itself by its steady growth and economy of operations.

It is situated in the Kandla Creek and is 90 km from the mouth of the Gulf Of Kachchh. It is a protected natural harbour.

The Port of Kandla Special Economic Zone (KASEZ) was the first SEZ to be established in India and in Asia. Established in 1965, the Port of KASEZ is the biggest multiple-product SEZ in the country. Covering over 310 hectares, the SEZ is just nine kilometres from the Port of Kandla. Today, the Port of Kandla is India's hub for exporting grains and importing oil and one of the highest-earning ports in the country. Major imports entering the Port of Kandla are petroleum, chemicals, and iron and steel and iron machinery; it also handles salt, textiles, and grain. Kandla is also the first Export Processing Zone in India (1965).


NHPC: India’s Premier Hydro Power Utility

2012–13 Handles 93.62 MMT of cargo
2011–12 Handles 82.5 MMT of cargo
2010–11 Handles 81.88 MMT of cargo
2009–10 Handles 79.5 MMT of cargo
2008–09 Handles 72.33 MMT of cargo


In FY20, major ports in India handled 704.82 million tonnes of cargo traffic, implying a CAGR of 2.74% during FY16-20.