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Labindia Instruments Pvt Ltd

  • 29 years of experience.
  • Demonstrated long-term growth and are committed to delivering enhanced performance going forward.
  • A solid financial position with a strong cash position and declining debts level.

Labindia Instruments Pvt Ltd was founded and promoted in 1982 by Mr S G Bhalerao, Mr Upadhye, Mr V M Bibikar and Mr S S Bapat, a group of visionary technocrats, engineers and professionals who foresaw the need for high-quality analytical instrumentation in India. The founders have since grown the company into a highly successful manufacturing, sales, marketing, service and support organization that is recognized all over India as a key supplier of these products for a variety of verticals including biotechnology and life sciences, petroleum testing, material science, scientific imaging etc.

Labindia Instruments Pvt Ltd has 29 years of experience of sales, service and application support in the field of biotechnology, analytical instrumentation, life sciences etc. The team is composed of experienced professionals who hold masters degrees in the sciences and international business. Our people understand your needs and are dedicated to meeting your project deadlines and achieving customer satisfaction. It is through our dedication and professionalism that we are able to develop long-term relationships with our customers.


Labindia Instruments Pvt Ltd: Aiming for the best

2010 Started first Sleep Science Center.
2009 Started bioprocess division.
1999 Awarded agency for Lecia Microscopes.
1989 Awarded agency for Lecia Histology products.
1980 The company was established.
Science and R&D
At rank 48, India stands among the top 50 countries in the Global Innovation Index 2020.