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Covid vaccine doses administered in India surpass 1.5 bn-mark

IBEF:  January 10, 2022

India hit a critical milestone in its COVID-19 vaccination programme, when the total number of vaccine doses provided in the country surpassed 150 million.

It was a "historic achievement," according to Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya, made possible by the tireless efforts of healthcare professionals under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's capable leadership. Any goal may be accomplished if everyone works together, Mandaviya stated in a Hindi tweet.

On October 21st, the number of Covid vaccination doses administered in the country topped 100 million, prompting celebrations across the country.

Over 91% of the adult population has received at least one dosage, and over 66% has been fully vaccinated, according to health ministry experts. Since the vaccination for this age group began on January 3rd, almost 22% of eligible adolescents had received the first dose. The first phase of the nationwide immunisation campaign began on January 16th, with healthcare workers (HCWs) receiving vaccinations. Frontline workers (FLWs) have been vaccinated since February 2nd.

The next phase of COVID-19 vaccination began on March 1st for people over the age of 60 and those aged 45 and up who have certain co-morbid disorders. From April 1st, the country began vaccinating all people above the age of 45. From May 1st, the government decided to broaden its vaccination campaign by enabling anyone above the age of 18 to be vaccinated. The latest round of COVID-19 vaccinations for teenagers aged 15 to 18 years old began on January 3rd.

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