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Gestamp invests Rs 260 crore in hot stamping plant in Pune to meet future light weighting needs of car makers

Economic Times:  February 09, 2017

Mumbai: Gestamp, a Spanish auto component major specialising in metal components has invested Rs 260 crore in a new hot stamping plant in Pune to cater to growing demand for safer and light weight vehicles in the country. The company claims, Gestamp's hot stamping technology can reduce the overall vehicle weight by up to 30%. Hot stamping is one of the solutions that allow manufacturers to reduce the weight of the body in white structure, resulting in reduced emissions. In addition, the hot stamping process improves the vehicle's behaviour in case of collision and contributes to passenger safety.The new plant in Pune will be amongst 70 hot stamping lines around the world that the company has which manufactures lighter and safer metal components.

With new crash norms to be implemented later in the year, majority of vehicle makers in the country are upgrading their vehicles to new standards. The plant in Pune will provide services for Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA), Ford and Tata Motors. The new Pune plant will employ 130 people in 2017 and will involve the introduction of hot stamping in the country.

Raman Nanda, president of Gestamp India, said: “The new hot stamping technology plant will prove to be beneficial in reducing the overall vehicle weight of passenger cars, while enabling OEMs to better adhere to the country’s new crash regulations, emission norms, fuel efficiency mandate and the forthcoming Bharat NCAP.” Gestamp’s new plant in India is the third in this market, where nearly Rs 1000 crore have been invested since the group’s arrival in 2008. In addition, the company has an R&D centre in which work is carried out to lighten the weight of vehicles, thereby increasing their safety. Loire Gestamp, a company from the Group specialising in the design and manufacture of press lines, has installed in the new plant a hot stamping line with a 1,200 ton press, incorporating automatic connections for changing tools, thermal imagers and a monitoring system.

Gestamp already supplies to Ford, Volkswagen Skoda, Renault and Nissan in India. Since Gestamp began operations in India, its turnover has increased almost nine-fold, from Rs 130 crore in 2008 to Rs 1040 crore at the end of 2015.

Gestamp is one of the world's largest providers of parts made by hot stamping, with an industrial model that covers the entire value chain, including press lines and dies manufacturing.

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