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India needs to create jobs for rapid pace of GDP growth: Dell

Livemint:  September 12, 2015

Bengaluru: India needs to create jobs in order to maintain its rapid pace of GDP growth and set up world class universities to attract top domestic and international firms that look for educated and talented workforce, Dell Inc. Chairman and CEO Michael S Dell has said.

In his address to 200 CEOs in Bengaluru, Dell also spoke of a very competitive startups ecosystem in India which has left many countries behind in this regard. “India is purely in the green category and gets an A or A+ of creating entrepreneurs.” “India needs to create jobs if it wants to maintain its rapid pace of GDP growth. It has enormous natural resources in terms of young population, particularly in the IT sector which has a bright future in India,” he said.

“Healthcare, energy, natural resources, any of these areas of constraints, I think IT and technology are big part of the solutions,” said Dell at an event, ‘Up close with Michael Dell,’ organised by ASSOCHAM last night. He said there was a need to set up world-class universities to attract top domestic and international companies that would look for educated and talented workforce while establishing their businesses across 100 smart cities being developed by the union government.

“I think first you start with the universities because you don’t find anywhere in the world great companies without great universities,” Dell said. “Without great universities, it is really hard to have the basic talent to grow great businesses,” he said in a statement released on Tuesday.

On digital evolution in India, Dell said customers are On digital evolution in India, Dell said customers are rapidly realising that digital technology is advancing at such a pace that there are enormous opportunities to change one’s entire business including product creation, customer engagements, supply chain and digital enabling of the products.

“This is the next wave of growth and certainly in the industry for companies in India,” he said. “IT is moving from the back office to the front office and how you generate revenue, how you interact with your customers, how you create new products is changing because of the digital influence,” he said.

It was really good to see the start of innovation eco-system thriving now in India, Dell said. On the growth of Dell India, he said, “I think there is no Dell without Dell India, India has rapidly become third largest market in the world to sell the products.”

“We have been here for a decade now and we have about one in four people working in Dell India, so whether it is research and development, manufacturing, finance, IT, HR, sales, everything we do in Dell we do in India.”

On Dell going from being public to private, he said, “It is great to be private again. We were much more focused on long-term evolution of business and felt that this would be easier as a private company.” “It has worked out very well as we have gained share in our client business, we have reached record share in our commercial client business, server business and we have been able to accelerate investments in R & D,” he added.

Earlier, in his address at the ASSOCHAM’s industry interaction, Alok Ohrie, Managing Director and President, Dell India said, business in the country had grown from strength to strength at a phenomenal pace of 30% year-on-year. “We have seen progress in whole lot of areas including our pitch into the end-to-end solutions space,” he said.

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