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India's 2019-20 sugar production at 282 lakh tonnes

IBEF:  July 02, 2019

Industry body Indian Sugar Mills Association has pegged India's 2019-2020 sugar creation gauge 28.2 million tons, somewhere around 19 per cent more than 2018-19 for the most part because of decrease in region under stick in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

In the last piece of June 2019, the complete land under sugarcane in the nation is assessed to be around 4.93 million hectares in 2019-2020 Sugar Season (SS), which is over 10% lower than 2018-2019 SS stick zone of around 5.50 million hectares.

As per ISMA, during 2018-19 SS, till 30th June 2019, about 32.80 million tons huge amounts of sugar have been delivered and another 0.1 – 0.15 million tons is required to be created in the unique season till September, 2019 in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, taking complete sugar generation in 2018-19 SS to around 32.90 – 32.95 million tons. In the current season 2018-19, about 295 million liters of ethanol produced using B substantial molasses/sugarcane juice have been provided to the OMC's up until this point. According to norms, this is proportionate to sugar redirection of around 0.3 million tons.

ISMA gauges creation of around 28.2 million tons huge amounts of sugar in the season 2019-2020, which is around 4.7 million tons lower than the current year 2018-19 SS production of around 32.95 million tons, down 14.26 per cent. The above is an estimate figure of sugarcane and sugar creation in 2019-20 SS.

The opening stocks as on 1st October 2019 is relied upon to be an unsurpassed high of around 14.5 million tons. When contrasted with a regularizing prerequisite of around 0.50 million tons on first October of any year as opening stocks, the industry is superfluously conveying around 9.5 million tons huge amounts of sugar stock.

Disclaimer: This information has been collected through secondary research and IBEF is not responsible for any errors in the same.