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Plant-based nutrition start-up Oziva eyes pan-India footprint

IBEF:  February 13, 2020

Oziva, a plant-based active nutrition brand, is planning to expand its business, with a focus on tier 2 and 3 cities across the country.

The five-year-old start-up has a portfolio of products, from plant-based to organic, for everyday fitness, said Ms Aarti Gill, Oziva's co-founder. "A lot of health supplements are available in the market today, but we are focussed on plant-based nutrition supplements and preventive healthcare products".

The company witnessed an exponential growth in its user base over the past 12 months, said Ms Gill. "Vegetarianism is becoming quite popular among consumers and businesses are waking up to the potential. A recent government survey has estimated Indian vegetarians at 23 to 37 per cent of the population. Our top-line grew seven-fold to touch Rs 50 crore (US$ 7.15 million) in the last 12 months. We are targeting Rs 120 crore (US$ 17.17 million) in the next 12-16 months. Opportunities to grow are aplenty in this space," she added.

Ms Gill also added that the company is also developing a digital ecosystem by utilising technology and creating content to help people achieve their preferred health goals.

The company allow its customer to pick fitness-related product and also receive expert assistance to optimise his/her choice through the company's omni-channel, she said. "We've amalgamated the ancient physiological science, Ayurveda, with modern micronutrients and digital ecosystem to provide something better for a fitter future," she further added.

"Collagen is an important protein; it's responsible for skin elasticity, apart from joint and bone health. The human body automatically creates collagen, but the production process slows down with time. It is more so in the case of women. The intake of supplements will help boost collagen level," said Ms Gill.

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