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Thales India headcount almost triples in India to 1,150

PTI:  April 03, 2019

New Delhi: Rafale vendor Thales Tuesday said its headcount in India has increased by almost three times to 1,150 following the acquisition of digital security firm Gemalto.

French firm Thales announced completion of Gemalto acquisition, which creates a new global division employing 80,000 people across the globe with 19 billion euros revenue.

"Thales in India as the local team gets strengthened to 1,150 with the acquisition of Gemalto," Thales said in a statement.

Gemalto has added 750 people to Thales in India, which had workforce of 400 before the acquisition.

After the acquisition, Thales will cover the entire critical decision chain, with its capabilities across software development, data processing, real-time decision support, connectivity and end-to-end network management.

Gemalto will interact with all of the group's civil and defence customers and significantly strengthen its industrial presence in 68 countries, it said.

Thales will considerably expand its operations in Latin America (2,500 employees, from 600), in Northern Asia (1,980, from 700), Southeast Asia (2,500, from 800) and India (1,150, from 400) and North America (6,660, from 4,600), the Rafale vendor said.

Thales supplies to Rafale combat aircraft account for 25 per cent of its total value, according to the disclosure made by the company.

The french firm claims to have security contract with 19 of the world's 20 largest banks.

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