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The Best of India The Best of India brings forth the diversity, versatility and quality of Indian products. Whilst constantly and consistently adapting to the contemporary times, each of the products retains and embodies the intrinsic richness, depth and variety of Indian manufacturing. From sophisticated IT to eng...

Innovations from India Innovations from India: Harbingers of change is the first-in-the series of the IBEF publications, which showcases the entrepreneurial spirit of Indians leveraged to benefit and create an Inclusive India. The study through its 30 case studies and an illustrative glossary sampling of 394 innovations a...

The Best of India in Services The Best of India in Services showcases the success of our services industry, their growth story which is inspiring and has scripted Indian industry's globalisation. The services sector has been at the centre stage of India's growth story. Thanks to the availability of trained technical and manag...

Ordinary Indians, Extraordinary Enterprise Ordinary Indians, Extraordinary Enterprise profiles the journeys of 25 Indian entrepreneurs who embody the extraordinary spirit of enterprise, which is at the core of India's economic resilience. These entrepreneurs have successfully tapped niche, futuristic opportunities over the past two decades a...

50 Reasons To Partner The World's Largest Growth Story The 50 Reasons To Partner The World's Largest Growth Story factbook presents the 50 strong facts about Indian economy and business. The factbook not only reflect the strengths of Indian business and economy but also resonates the credibility of the Made in India label. Ranging from consumer markets ...

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