India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) is a Trust established by the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

Be a part of the largest Indian resource centre on Indian Economy.

  • Shri Bhupinder Singh BhallaCEO, IBEF  Contacts: Ph: 011- 23062660Email ID: ceoibef@ibef.org
  • Parul SinghAssociate Director – Branding & Communication Contacts: Ph: 011- 43845507 Email ID: parul.singh@ibef.org
  • Shoumi Dasgupta Senior Manager & Manager Admin – Knowledge Center Contacts:Ph: 011- 43845509Email ID: shoumi.dasgupta@ibef.org
  • Ashwani Kumar Srivastav Senior Manager – Finance & Accounts Contacts: Ph: 011- 43845513 Email ID: ashwani.srivastav@ibef.org
  • Preeti Handa Sr. Graphic Executive  Contacts: Ph: 011-43845512 Email ID: preeti.handa@ibef.org
  • Shri Anurag Sharma Deputy CEO, IBEF  Contacts: Ph: 011- 23062618Email ID: anurag.sharma1980@gov.in
  • Kuldeep Singh Associate Director – Digital Media Contacts: Ph: 011- 43845516 Email ID: Kuldeep.singh@ibef.org
  • Pawan Chabra Senior Manager – Knowledge Center Contacts: Ph: 011- 43845511 Email ID: pawan.chabra@ibef.org
  • Sneha Chauhan Manager – Digital Media  Contacts: Ph: 011- 43845507 Email ID: sneha.chauhan@ibef.org