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RFP for Housekeeping Office Boys For India Brand Equity Foundation

Published Date: January 15, 2020      Submission Date: February 10, 2020 upto 5:00 PM

Update: 18 Feb 2020

This is to announce that the technical evaluation of 6 participating bidders (out of 8 bidders, Jyoti Enterprises and Darshan Construction have been disqualified) have been completed by the Evaluation Committee strictly according to the evaluation criteria laid out in the RFP document. Rest six participating bidders have scored 60 and above and have been qualified for the financial bid opening:

1.       New Grow Software Solution ( P) Ltd

2.       ESF Securities

3.       Vansh Enterprises

4.       Safe Securitas Solutions

5.       Vintage Facility Management Solutions Pvt Ltd

6.       PR Mobicult Technologies

Above mentioned bidders are invited for the financial bid opening on 20th Feb 2020 at 12.30 pm at IBEF office.

Update: 10 Feb 2020

Proposals from the following eight companies have been received on or before 10th Feb 2020

1.       Darshan Construction

2.       ESF Securitas

3.       Jyoti Enterprises

4.       New Grow Software Solution

5.       PR Mobicult Technologies

6.       Safe Security Solution

7.       Vansh Enterprises

8.       Vintage Facility Management

House keeping Tender Record  Click here

Update: 31 January 2020

Last date of submission has been extended till 10th Feb, 5PM.

Kindly refer to the 22nd Jan Update regarding the change of Financial Quote format.

Agencies who have submitted their proposal, request to kindly collect the same from IBEF office and submit a fresh proposal as mentioned in the RFP document.

Update: 24 January 2020

We have received proposal from below 9 agencies:

1.       Carewell Allied Services

2.       New Grow Software Solution ( P) Ltd

3.       ESF Securities

4.       Vansh Enterprises

5.       Safe Securitas Solutions

6.       Jyoti Enterprises

7.       Darshan Construction

8.       Vintage Facility Management Solutions Pvt Ltd

9.       PR Mobicult Technologies

Update: 22nd January 2020

Kindly refer page no. 12 for updated financial quote format.

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