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Agriculture and Food Industry In India

Last Updated: January, 2016


India’s agrarian culture and varied regional climate have significantly contributed to the global food basket.

Indian curries, mangoes, snacks and spices are known for their excellent quality across the globe. Globally, India leads the following food segments: 

  • India is the largest milk producer in the world (137.7 million tonnes) 
  • India has the largest buffalo population (112.9 million) accounting for approximately 56.7 per cent of the global buffalo population
  • It is the largest mango producer in the world (18.4 million tonnes).
  • It is the largest banana producer (29.7 million tonnes).
  • It ranks second in fruit (89 million tonnes) and vegetable production (162.9 million tonnes).
  • It is the second-largest fish producer in the world (9.6 million tonnes).

Export Highlights

During 2014–15, exports of agricultural and processed food products totalled US$ 21.5 billion. Export of cereals and animal products accounted for 69.7 per cent of the exports in 2014–15, followed by processed fruits and vegetables (24.0 per cent), fresh fruits and vegetables (5.7 per cent) and floriculture products (0.67 per cent).

Indian agricultural/horticultural and processed foods are exported to more than 100 countries/regions; chief among them are the Middle East, Southeast Asia, SAARC countries, the EU and the US.


The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) plays a significant role in tapping India’s agricultural strengths and works towards expanding the export potential of Indian agricultural and food products.

The overall exports of agriculture and processed food for FY 2014-15 stood at US$ 21.51 billion.



Other Export Promotion Councils:

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