Indian Economy News

February 22, 2024

Digi Yatra app users number crosses 45.8 lakhs.

Digi Yatra app surpasses 45.8 lakh users, transforming air travel with contactless experiences and rapid adoption.

India and Greece agree to expand cooperation in diverse areas.

India and Greece agree to enhance cooperation across diverse sectors, including defence, mobility, and trade, aiming for mutual growth and collaboration.

AIF commitments top US$ 119.2 billion (Rs. 10 trillion) for the first time amid rising demand from HNIs.

AIFs attract record-breaking US$129.2 billion (Rs. 10.84 trillion) with 40% YoY growth, fueled by demand from affluent investors seeking higher returns amidst regulatory adjustments.

Foreign firms looking to set up GCCs in India may need 45-50mn sq ft office space by 2025: Colliers

Global Capability Centers (GCCs) to lease 45-50M sq. ft. in 2 years (40% of top 6 cities' demand), driven by positive outlook, major company presence, skilled workforce, and rising flex space adoption.

Digital public infrastructure could help India become a US$ 8 trillion economy by 2030: Report

Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) could help India's economy grow to $8 trillion by 2030, with services like Aadhaar and UPI playing a vital role.

IIT Madras records a 92% jump in Indian patents granted during 2023.

IIT Madras achieves a 92% increase in Indian patents granted in 2023, reaching 300, with a focus on innovation and IP protection.